The Significance of Color in Lagan Fashion: Symbolism and Meaning

When it comes to weddings, we have always believed that matches are made in Heaven. Undoubtedly, they are, and Indian weddings are well known for their vibrancy and aesthetic décor that is complemented by colors, that are evident in the décor and trousseau of the bride and groom. Let us delve deeper into a few of the most prominent colors in wedding fashion, their symbolism, and their significance.


Red is the most used color in a wedding. In most cases, the wedding attire is red, especially for the bride. For the groom, it would at least be a hue of red. This color is exclusively kept aside for the wedding day.

Significance: Red is auspicious. It is also the color that is related to passion and love. As per astrological significance, red is the color of Mars, the planet responsible for harmony in marriage.

Green in any hue is eye-catching and soothing. The color is suitable for not just the newlywed but for the guests who attend the functions as well. In fact, for mehendi rituals, this is the favorite color for almost every Indian bride.

Significance: The green color symbolizes fertility, life, a harmonious existence, and freshness.

Yellow is divine. We have often seen in the haldi ceremonies at weddings that yellow dominates the scene. It is not just the groom or the bride but everyone from the children to the eldest member of the family is clad in yellow.

Significance: Joy fused with a lot of energy and positive vibes.
If you mix red and yellow, we get the orange color. We have seen many such weddings where orange was predominant.

Significance: It adds a tangy vibrance to the ambiance and symbolizes happiness indicated by yellow and red’s energy in optimum doses.

5. Golden
Starting from the yesteryears, we have often seen at museums and in real life that golden used to be the color for weddings. The attire was complemented by heavily adorned gold jewelry.

Significance: Adds pomp and show galore to the occasion.
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