Revamp your wardrobe with these Winter Wear Essentials

The change that occurs from winter to summer is more clear than the one from summer to winter. From dry skin to the wardrobe, everything needs a major update and sensitive touch in the dry winter. From men to women, everyone needs an upgrade during winter. While woollen wears are still trending in fashion today, it’s important to make sure you have all the stylish warm apparel in your wardrobe to rock the chilling weather. There are many options to choose today, from coats to jackets and overalls. To help you make this transition smoothly, here’s a list of five essential winter wear that you can choose to appear more stylish and less dull this winter.

Woollen Coats: Woollen coats though are not new into fashion but can be used by both men and women as a style statement and to keep you warm. They have been mostly used as a cover-up on your apparel but comes in numerous styles today. They can be asymmetrical, long, short and even crop sized for women. The bold colours of modern woollen coats make them extremely trending among the young generation. You can wear it all buttoned up or choose to wear it as a jacket. Before choosing a woollen coat always make sure to buy a size larger as it looks more comfortable.

Polished Blazer: If you are looking for something that gives you a touch of fashion yet has a formal look then go for this polished blazer. They come in contrast and shaded colours and have a comfortable lining to keep your body warm. These tailored blazers are good for everyday wear and are extremely stylish for both men and women. The broad collars of these jackets give you a slimming effect and have a pepped up look.

Puffer Coats: Though not a new style, but puffer coats are always in fashion. These puffed apparels come with a feather-filled layer and are very cosy. They come in trending patterns and designs and can be found according to your fit and for your complete family. Some Puffer coats can be worn inside-out giving you an extra benefit. You can style your puffer coat with a cropped silhouette.

Leather Jacket: One of our favourite winters wears is a leather jacket. Every girl or boy needs to have at least one leather jacket in the closet to give them a classic look. It is the perfect look for your Christmas party or New Year’s Eve and comes in classic stylish colours to suit everyone’s taste. Leather jackets are very warm and have numerous chains to give a trending look.

Snugging Sweater Dress: If you love to wear a woollen that keeps snugging to your body then this dress is perfect for you. Made from extremely soft and warm wool, sweater dresses are trending today.

They come mostly in a single, solid colour and gives a traditional, knitted look that is envious. Pair your dress with a pair of formal shoes or a loafer and hit off instantly.

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