Popular ways to celebrate Durga Puja

It is that time of the year again when people are ready to welcome Durga Maa with bowed heads and start the Puja festivities. While the Durga Puja celebration primarily happens over four days, the preparations begin months in advance. Here is a look at some popular ways people like to celebrate the major event every year.


Long before the puja pandals are completed, people set out on shopping sprees. This is the time for them to buy stylish outfits for themselves, their families and other loved ones. From the latest and trendy dresses to shirts and denim, the Durga Puja shopping is almost an event itself. And, people do not just buy clothes but they also spend considerable time deciding each aspect of their look on each day of the puja. For example, most people opt for traditional and ethnic outfits, accessories and shoes for Mahashtami.

Pandal hopping

Men, women and children alike dress up in their new clothes and venture outside to visit the many pandals strewn across the city. Each pandal is designed differently following trending themes or important events of the recent past. The intricate artistry and craftsmanship is truly breathtaking to behold. Pandal hopping is such a popular activity that the sheer crowd in some of the pandals can seem intimidating. But regardless of the difficulties, setting out to witness Maa Durga in all her glory is a favourite way to spend the puja days for many.

Attending the festivities

Almost every lane has its own Durga Puja celebrations. Residents are invited to participate in all aspects of the Puja, right from the Pushpanjali on Mahashtami mornings to cultural programmes and events. People often rehearse and practise for these events for months. Durga Puja is an incredible time of inclusivity where everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

Relishing on delicacies

In the middle of all that pandal hopping, people need refreshments too. With food stalls set up all around and many restaurants offering special menus, people are happy to indulge. From Biryani to Indo-Chinese and from kathi rolls to ice creams, the four days of Durga Puja is a time when everyone forgets all about their diet. They indulge in local and foreign delicacies to celebrate the festive season to the fullest.