Checklist for Holi – Do’s & Don’ts Clothes for Holi

The festival of colours, Holi, is around the corner. It’s that time of the year when people look forward to eating gujiyas and playing with colours and water balloons. Holi is the perfect to festivaleither go for all-white clothes or vibrant coloured clothing. If you wish to know how you can ace your Holi look without compromising on practicality, here’s a checklist of Holi —- Do’s & Don’ts clothes for holi


Wear full sleeves kurta and denims:

Be it men or women, the best way to slay a cool Holilook is to wear a full-sleeve white kurta and a pair of denims. Not only does this ensemble look chic and elegant, but it also protects the skin from harsh colours. Bright orange and yellow are also some go-to colours for Holi outfits, if white is not your first preference. Complete this look with oversized sunglasses.

Wear head scarves:

Hair accessories such as caps, bandana and head scarves can add an interesting look to men or women’sholi dress. A colourful head accessory will give the Holi outfit the perfect look and protect the hair from colours.

Go for cotton T-shirts:

Cotton is one of the best fabrics to wear on Holi. It is light, breathable and comfortable. Cotton is a quick-drying fabric. Team up white, blue or yellow T-shirts with a pair of blue denims. If you are wearing white denims, opt for darker colored T-shirts to let the contrast pop.

Take proper hair and skin care:

Before heading out to play Holi, it is important to take care of the skin and hair. Apply a good amount of oil to the hair so that colours don’t stick too much. Use a hydrating moisturiser on the body.


Do not wear heavy footwear:

Avoid wearing heavy shoes or heels during holi celebrations. To enjoy this festival to the fullest it is best to wear flip flops which are comfortable yet light at the same time.

Avoid wearing makeup:

While everyone wants their Holi pictures to come out amazing, it is best to not use makeup. Cosmetics, when cosmeticscome into contact with colours, can cause allergic reactions.

Do not wear jewellery:

During Holi celebrations, it is best to avoid wearing jewellery. Metal necklaces or chains may react with water and colours causing skin irritation. Those who want to add a playful look to the Holi outfit should wear sleek and minimalisticjewellery.

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