Update Your Wardrobe for the Monsoon !

Monsoon is in full swing but do not let the rain dampen your fashion sense. Clothes reveal a person’s personality and it is thus important to be well-groomed and have a good sense of style. A person who is well dressed has a greater level of confidence. Being fashionable and trendy is the demand of today’s world. But in this season of monsoon it is quite laborious to wear all kinda of outfits like the other seasons. So we have to update our wardrobe accordingly so as to keep up with the fashion trends.

Here we have some helpful hacks by which you can update your wardrobe for the monsoon season!

Talking about kids wear: In this monsoon season kids should wear clothes that are light and are comfortable. They should avoid wearing heavy clothes such as denim. Wearing short-cotton clothes like skirts, shorts and T-shirts can prove to be really helpful.

Cotton clothes

Wearing cotton clothes in the monsoon season is one of the best ways to deal with it. Monsoon is a season of joy for kids and therefore they should wear clothes that do not spoil their joy.

Light dresses

Kids should be made to wear light dresses in monsoons such as T-shirts,shorts, skirts and frocks. Heavy dresses like synthetic and denim clothes can be much hectic to manage as they take time to dry up.

Bright colours and Wobbly clothes

Bright colors are cheerful and so is the season of monsoon. Wearing bright coloured outfits pleases both: the one who is wearing the outfit as well as the one who is looking at the person. Wearing loose and wobbly outfits can help a lot as they dry up quickly compared to tight outfits which protects the kid from falling ill.


Now talking about Men’s wear. Men should wear a kind of trendy as well as a classy outfit which may include a printed cotton shirt and a pair of cotton trousers. This would make up to be a perfect combo. Heavy clothes such as a blazer should be avoided. If necessary you can carry it in a case and wear it up.
In rainy season men should prefer to wear dark colors like brown, grey, and orange as they reflect your personality in a positive direction. The most important thing to keep in mind is to focus on cropped trousers and chinos. A casual look with a vibrant color T-shirt and Chinos or ripped jeans could be handy as well as stylish.

Women wear should include some light and trendy dresses during this season. Wearing rain boots in monsoon season is trendy as well as it will protects you against water logging. Women especially need to carry a lot of stuff in their purse and bags. And carrying a waterproof bag in this season of monsoon would be a perfect decision. Wearing beaded necklaces makes you look cool and fashionable. Flip-flops are useful for wearing in light rain as it it prevents your fancy wear from getting spoilt in rain.