Latest Trends for the Festive Season !

Whether you have realized it or not, but the essence of the festive season has already made the lukewarm air of September quite aromatic. Being a true Bengali, then you may have probably felt the sensation of the arrival of Maa Durga among us.

So how are you going to prepare for this year’s Durga Pooja? Will you choose the ‘same old, same old’ combination of formal wear? Or do you want to try something unique and extravagant? Make sure to go through the following suggestions to drive all of your dilemmas away.

The dressing trends for men have been quite the same for the last few years. So, let’s start our venture with them. The tradition of wearing a white shirt and a pair of black or navy blue trousers have been on the scene for quite some years.

As a type of official wear module, it does look pretty simple but eye-catching. However, if you want to go a little bit over the moon, then you can also opt for a combination of traditional and western wear. In this aspect, wearing a Punjabi with a dark-colored denim tends to be everyone’s choice.

However, if you want, then you can also change the style by wearing a plain Kurta on top and a checkered trouser as bottoms. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? We bet it does!

Now, let’s move on to the trends for women. Unlike the men’s wear, the combinations for women usually tend to be a lot fresher and versatile. However, among them, the mishmash of embroidered Kurtis and Sharara seems to be pretty popular.

If you do pair your outlook up with proper jewelry pieces, then you will definitely look like a princess. However, if Sharara doesn’t fit your choice, then you can also try out Palazzos. Make sure to wear stilettos and a pendant necklace with it to brighten up your looks even more.

Nonetheless, if you do have a traditional sense of style, then you can also go for the forever- young combo of Kurta and trousers. You can amp up your styling a little bit more by pairing yourself up with flat sandals and tassel earrings.

As a Bengali, saree probably should be one of the must-haves on your ‘ladies wear’ list. But what are you going to choose among the sea of options? Well, in this case, we would ask you to go with the flow. Choose something that looks stunning on you.

If you wish to make things a bit little out of the box, then you can also ditch the blouse and wear a shirt or crop-top instead. It will exhibit the individuality of your fashion sense a lot more prominently.

Let’s wrap up our suggestions about Pujo wearables with the kids. So, for boys, you can go for a full-sleeve solid color t-shirt and pair it up with a jeans that has some decent patchworks and, you are all set.

On the other hand, for girls, going for anything with vibrant color should be the ideal choice. If you do want to maintain the modernity along with traditions, then Anarkali, too, should be an excellent option for you. You can also go for the mid-sized skirts in case the season of monsoon decides to come back!

Make sure to pair up with some jewelry models as well to add a touch of innocent glamour to your overall look!