Celebrate Republic Day in Traditional Attire from MBaazar

This year, let Republic Day be the perfect occasion for your patriotic Indian inside you to shine through. It is the best time to adopt India’s culture and heritage, taking pride in the country’s long history. One of the easiest ways to celebrate Indian culture is to put on traditional attire and step out in style. With that in mind, M Baazar brings you some of the most fashionable and trending Republic Day outfits.

For men, we have classic white kurta pyjamas. The clean and minimalistic look brings out the purity of being an Indian during the Republic Day celebration. Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, or by yourself, wearing this all-white combination will surely make you feel closer to your country and your traditions. Apart from white, you can also try out Kurtas in other neutral colors, such as beige or grey.


Women looking to pull off the perfect traditional look this Republic Day have several options to choose from. You can never go wrong with an embroidered kurta set, whether it is in all white or in neutral shades. You can also go the fusion route by pairing a kurta with denim trousers. In such a case, you can opt for a green Kurta to achieve a cohesive look by pairing it with light blue trousers. Even though this is not a completely traditional attire, it can still capture the essence of Republic Day. At the same time, this stylish ensemble can help you pull off an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

There is simply no reason why children should not indulge in looking their absolute best during Republic day. Here’s how they can style to celebrate the occasion –

Boys can style in a similar manner as that of adult men. However, instead of white Kurta, they should go for green or saffron options. These are not only much more colorful but also coincide with the colors of the Indian flag. With such a combination, your son will look as if he is embracing the country’s culture and tradition but in style.


Girls have several options too, including opting for a Kurti set. Green, white and saffron are all highly appropriate colours, based on the occasion. Rather than pairing the kurta with pyjamas, they can opt for solid-coloured leggings too. Alternative, denim trousers are another option to complete the overall look for them on Republic Day.

This Republic Day, make sure you and your children celebrate India’s journey and its rich cultural heritage by opting for stylish traditional attire from M Baazar!